Saturday, 12 September 2009

Time flies

Well we've now been here 3 months - wow how fast has that been. I guess it's gone quickly because we've kept ourselves busy. The decision to move down here was quite a tough one to take, as it meant leaving my kids behind. Sometimes being a dad means taking the decisions that are right for the family, even if it means some heartache along the way. And moving out here has given us some financial security for the next few years - which I didn't have back in the UK. I miss them all so much - to be honest, I try not to think about it. And that's why we get on and do stuff. There's just no point wallowing in homesickness or sad feelings - we are here for the next two years and so we are determined to make the most of our time here. So we treat it all as one big adventure. I think of it as the gap year I never had as a teenager - but without the backpacking!
Last weekend we headed off to the Blue Mountains - they're about 2 hours away. It's an impressive area full of breathtaking natural beauty - check out Gus' facebook pages for the full photo album. We stayed in a quaint heritage B&B - it was a bit twee - goddawful carpet and decor - but the owners were welcoming, the location great and the breakfast was excellent. Full of bacon and egg, Gus faced his fear of heights and we went on the steep scenic railway to the floor of the valley. Actually I had no idea that Gus was scared of heights - not sure how he copes with being that tall - I spend all my time staring up at him.

This weekend we hace just chilled at home. We had a celebratory meal at Wok Station on Friday evening - our local Thia restaurant. It was great - as good as that's a compliment. Today we headed out early and picked up some fruit and veg at Paddy's Market (why is it called Paddy's when all the stallholders are Chinese? Does anyone know? And who was Paddy?) Then after lunch we wandered down King St in Newtown and looked in all the secondhand stores. Gus bought a china cup, saucer and plate set - he is building a deliberately mismatched tea set. We christened the first two cups in the set with afternoon tea on the balcony, as we watched the cruiseliner Sun Princess depart.

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  1. Hi Ian & Gus, my name is Amy and I am here in Sydney with my husband Ian. You are friends of my mum (Jill Kelly) who I believe you met cruising together (The ship variety!). We are currently living in Gordon but are planning on moving more central. Do you fancy meeting up one night next week for a drink? Let me know Amy x