Saturday, 24 October 2009

Catch up

I've been a bad blogger - failing to keep my vast audience updated with my adventures down under. Mea Culpa. Sorry.
So here's a quick catch up of the last few things we've been up to.

Trip to Northern beaches

Sydney is divided into those who like the Southern beaches - Bondi, Bronte and Coogee and those who like the Northern ones - Narrabeen, Mona Vale, Avalon & Palm Beach. Living smack bang in the middle of the city - we don't yet have a preference - especially as we had yet to visit the northern ones. Quite a few of my work colleagues live in on the northen beaches so we decided to see what all the fuss was about. A 20 minute drive took us over the Spit Bridge and along into Narrabeen, where we stopped for a coffee. After suitable refreshment we went for a stroll along the beach

It's a lot less touristy at Narrabeen and clearly popular with all the local surfers. Plenty to look at especially when they are stripping down out of their wetsuits!

We moved on from Narrabeen to Mona Vale - stopping along the way for Gus to photograph the coastline

This is the view over Warriewood beach towards Mona Vale.
And this is Mona Vale itself

There's a rugged beauty about this part of the coast that reminds me of North Wales where I spent a lot of my childhood. Unsuprisingly I quite liked these beaches, and I think we are northern beach converts.

And that has nothing to do with the hot surfers...

Hunter's Hill & Woolwich
I drive past the turn to Hunter's Hill every day on my way to work, so we decided to explore it last weekend. It was a sunny day (for a change!) We enjoyed a pleasant walk along the headland which took us to Woolich Dock. This used to be the main dry dock for Sydney and is still in operation - though the lock type mechanism for draining the dock as seen below is sadly no longer there.

We did get some great views of the Harbour. It was quite a windy day so the sailors were out in force.

Hunter's Hill Sailing Club was enjoying a race day, and we watched as all the yachts were launched and prepared for a day of competitive sailing.

These boats are far too small for me - I will only step foot on martime craft that are big enough to have a pool and people to serve me drinks.

Night Noodle

We finally made it to night noodle - this time there were no firemen needed. It all takes place in Hyde Park in the centre of Sydney. We got there about 6pm - and wow was it busy. Clearly the place to be for the post work crowd. We grabbed some food, and pounced on a table as it was being vacated. Our friends joined us , and we had a great evening - top Asian food and plenty of wine. And to finish it all off - coffee from Toby's Estate and some rather fab mini pancakes. It's a good job this in only an annual event - otherwise we'd be there every week.

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