Sunday, 1 November 2009

The kids are alright

Abi and Fraz arrived last Sunday after a long 24 hour flight via Abu Dhabi. They flew out with their mum and nan. The kids spent the day with me whilst the adults rested!

After a shower and breakfast we headed out for a walk around Darling Harbour - the weather was none too favourable

so we took a break and treated the kids to their first taste of yum cha

I'm not sure how well it went down - we realised half way through that they were falling asleep - so we headed back home and allowed them a quick nap. Determined to get them onto Aussie time asap, I woke them after an hour. This proved to be a challenge - so I forced them out of the flat for another walk. Hmmmm.....reports of zombies in Pyrmont soon followed

Fortunately the fresh post rain air and all the ions soon woke them up........Sydney weather to the rescue.

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