Sunday, 22 November 2009

That was the week that was....

The kids had a great week here - sadly it was all over far too quickly. And it will be another five months before they are back over again. We did have fun and packed a lot of touristy stuff into our time together. We visited Bondi, Coogee and Manly beaches - went on various forms of public transport -ferries, trams, buses, monorail - climbed the lookout towers on the Harbour Bridge, and saw every variety of Australian wildlife at Taronga Zoo, Sydney Aquarium, Wildlife World and Featherdale Wildlife Park. We loved the Oz Trek experience at the Sydney Tower, cycling on the swirly hill at the Olympic Park and the Undersea 3D film at the Imax cinema.

Interacting with the animals at Featherdale was a highlight, interacting with the school parties at Wildlife World was a defininte lowlight. And on that point - do Aussie kids ever actually take any lessons? Based on our experience, every school in the Sydney area was visiting a tourist destination during that week. You have not experienced hell until you have been trapped in the Wildlife World with all the glass cages amplifying the noise of several hundred screaming kids. The irony of where we were was not lost on me.

Having fun at Manly beach (despite the flies)

manly 009manly 006

manly 007manly 010

manly 012manly 011manly 024manly 025

The schoolkids weren't the only ones fighting at Wildlife World

Kids - Wildlife world 016

We proved that you don't need a car to get around Sydney

Taronga Zoo 056
Kids - Wildlife world 029
Kids- Featherdale , Olympic Park 173

How scary were those sharks?
Kids- Aquarium 020Kids- Aquarium 016aquarium 001

The giraffes have the best view

Taronga Zoo 019

Luk Chai the baby elephant

Taronga Zoo 023

Mother and baby

Taronga Zoo 052

Featherdale - a real treat

Kids- Featherdale , Olympic Park 016

Kids- Featherdale , Olympic Park 018

Kids- Featherdale , Olympic Park 052

Kids- Featherdale , Olympic Park 057

Kids- Featherdale , Olympic Park 076

Getting dizzy yet?

Kids- Featherdale , Olympic Park 176

So kids - did you have fun?

Kids- Featherdale , Olympic Park 190

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