Sunday, 29 November 2009

Aye aye Cap'n

Last weekend was a hot one with temperatures forecast to go past 40 degrees centigrade. That's the kind of heat that would bring the whole of the UK to a halt - with schools closed, buses and trains cancelled, and the Sun would run pics of packed beaches in Bournemouth and Southend, with a topless young female and the headline "Phew, what a scorcher"

Boozy Boat Trip sat 21 Nov 09 048

Here in Sydney - it was business as usual. Aussies don't let heat, duststorms or other natural phenomena get in the way of having a good time. We'd been invited to spend Saturday afternoon on a boat in the harbour with some friends and a bunch of their friends. We rocked up at Rushcutters Bay at the allotted hour
Boozy Boat Trip sat 21 Nov 09 001

and were somewhat taken aback by the amount of alcohol being loaded onto the boat. Then we met the others - mainly Irish and in their twenties. OK - that explains that then.

Boozy Boat Trip sat 21 Nov 09 009

Once loaded with all the essentials - ice, beer, champagne, more ice, more beer, white wine, more ice, rose wine, more ice, more champagne - we headed off for a quick motor around the harbour - past the Opera House and under the bridge - before the captain floored the throttle and we zoom zoomed over to Middle Harbour.
Boozy Boat Trip sat 21 Nov 09 014

Here we partook of liquid refreshment.

Boozy Boat Trip sat 21 Nov 09 028

for several hours

Boozy Boat Trip sat 21 Nov 09 024

before heading back to land, where we continued the get together in Ru
shcutters Park.

Boozy Boat Trip sat 21 Nov 09 041

Gus and I then went home, ordered a takeaway pizza and fell asleep!

Next day, we both felt a bit jaded. I can assure you it was not the alcohol - the temps hit 43 degrees. I even have a photo as evidence!

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