Sunday, 1 November 2009

Sunny days are here again

Harbour Bridge & Luna Park
After a week on the Central Coast, the kids returned back to Sydney. I picked them up at the coach station at 1pm, and we headed back to Pyrmont. After a quick lunch, we took the ferry from Pyrmont Bay (about 5 minutes walk from the flat) to Circular Quay. This ferry route gives the best views of Sydney Harbour. Gus was on hand to capture it all.

Sightseeing with Gus is not for the fainthearted - he makes you work Abi and fraz were faced with a walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge. We stopped half way at the Pylon Lookout Tower for a rest...and for the great views.

If you look closely at the photo above you can see the groups climbing the bridge itself......I am amazed that I haven't been made to do that yet. I think Gus is torn between his desire to make me work hard, his fear of heights, and his reluctance to spend $150...

Anywho - after all that hard work, we deserved a treat, so we were allowed one ride each at Luna Park.

This funfair has been on the site since 1935 - now surrounded by high rise expensive apartments, whose residents constantly complain about the noise! Well hey - did you not notice it before you moved in?

It has a certain nostalgic charm

though the Wild Mouse ride that Fraz and I went on felt just a tad rickety....

Gus and Abi went on the Ferris Wheel........this surprised me, given Gus' reluctance with heights. Then again, I find Gus' fear of heights a bit odd, given that he towers over me....

Abi enjoyed herself

whilst Gus gritted his teeth....

Back on solid ground, Gus lined us up and marched us off to the ferry

we were allowed ice cream for good behaviour , before heading home.

Bondi Beach

As we'd been good the day before, we were treated to a day at the beach on Sunday...Bondi Beach. It's an Australian icon, and at weekends gets incredibly busy, so we were up early and arrived there at 9am! It was still quite busy - all the local kids were enjoying their regular Sunday morning beach & surf safety training.

We stayed for a few hours - even venturing into the sea for the first dip of the season. Jeez it was cold.....but we had fun swimming through the waves. Lunch was at Sydney's best pizzeria...and if my kids reaction is anything to go by, the reviews are true. Clean plates all round.

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