Sunday, 22 November 2009

Lego of me

One of Gus' personal training clients from London was recently over in Sydney. We met up on Sunday for the Glebe street fair. It was a bit bigger than we thought.

Donna in Sydney Nov 2009 100

It took us several hours to walk the full length of the fair and back again.

Donna in Sydney Nov 2009 156

It must have felt like old times again for Donna as Gus urged us to feel the burn

The only consolation was that I bought myself a great pair of cufflinks - the orange lego ones. So stylish.

Donna in Sydney Nov 2009 170


  1. Those cufflinks look awesome, I think my hubby would love a pair!

  2. Hi Ian,

    This was my stall & i'm collecting old photos to put on my website, is there any chance that I can get a copy of it? Thanks so much!