Monday, 27 July 2009

A nice cup of .....

The following day saw us up early again and heading into the City centre for the Aroma festival. Aussies sure do like their coffee and this was an entire festival devoted to the stuff. You can just imagine how excited Gus was........

I thought there would be a few stalls and a handful of visitors. How wrong can you be. There were loads of stalls. And it was a good job we got there when it started at 10am, as by 11.30 it was packed. There must have been thousands there - all of them queuing for coffee, drinking coffee, buying coffee beans. Honestly, if they ever run out of coffee in this city, the place would riot. The air was thick with the smell of caffeine addiction.

I really wanted a cup of tea.

There were even camels.

Not sure why they were there. Though of course, coffee and camels do go well together (cigarette joke)

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