Sunday, 5 July 2009

This little piggy went to market

Yesterday we were up bright and early. Gus refuses to allow me a weekend lie in as he says it will get me into bad habits. I quite like my bad habits, but anyway. We headed over to the Pyrmont food market - which takes place once a month just in front of Star City casino. We are a five minute walk from it, and thought that by leaving at 7.30, we would get ahead of the crowds. Well, the market began at 7am, and it was busy when we got there. The longest line was for the Toby's Estate coffee, so whilst Gus joined that, I went and bought breakfast - organic beef sausage in french bread. We could also have had bacon and egg in a toasted sourdough bun, or award winning chorizo and egg in a bun (don't know whether it was the chorizo, the egg, the bun or the unique combination that won the award). After a brief refreshment stop, we toured the many stalls. The choice was varied and the produce was all excellent quality. We came home with some potted herbs (mint and Greek basil), some fig, apricot and almond bread, and some courgette flowers which had been picked that morning. Oh and also some Saltbush lamb - similar in principle to the Saltmarsh lamb from France I think.

So guess what we had to eat yesterday..........

Lunch - fig bread with cottage cheese, topped with chopped Greek basil.
Dinner - grilled Saltbush lamb, with salad, roasted veg, and courgette flowers which Gus had stuffed with a tasty combination of ricotta, goats cheese, and tahitian lime rind.

Both meals were delicious - and kudos to Gus for his first attempt at cooking courgette flowers - it was a triumph.

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