Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Going bananas

This weekend we headed north for some sunshine. Now that's a phrase you don't often hear a Brit use!!Actually I was at a tradeshow in Brisbane on the Friday and we decided to stay there for a few days. Gus booked us into a city centre hotel on last minute .com - one of their secret hotels. It was a nice place - very central.

As usual, Gus had the weekend planned minute by minute. Friday night we dined at Jellyfish - a cool restaurant on the riverbank. They guarantee to have at least 8 different types of freshly caught fish, as well as a standard menu. Our waiter was quite fresh too - so I engaged him in a bit of conversation about the menu.......I went for the whole baby barramundi and Gus had the Moreton Bay Bugs. These are a bigger version of Balmain bugs (see fishmarket posting earlier) Both were delicious.

Saturday we were due to meet our friend Kerry, her kids and another South African couple (Mandy & Scott) for lunch. Beforehand we wandered round the market on the south bank of the river. And it was here that we discovered the greatest thing to happen to fruit since the invention of the seedless grape. A chocolate filled banana......dear lord, these are soooooo good.

There was a choice of milk, plain, mint or praline. I could have eaten a whole bunch. Instead, giddy on a sugar high, I decided to have a tatoo. Of a kangaroo. I'm just relieved that I didn't pick a banana


Gus had the same tatoo - I didn't want to say anything but I do think matching tatoos are a bit gay.

We needed to cool down so headed to the pool area where we met Kerry and her kids - Megan and Shawn, who was busy amusing himself in the water

Boys will be boys

Meanwhile I was trying to work out how I could attract the attention of the lifeguards.......

Boys will be boys


  1. Haha, I noticed (and commented on Gus's tattoo yesterday-- but matching ones? So gay. I want one too.

    And I love Balmain bugs or whatever they're called. I think they're the same as crawfish? So good.

    Btw, I just posted a blog about my day with Gus.

  2. Stopping by from Florida Girl's blog to say hi. Matching tattoos? That's dangerously close to matching track suits. Be careful.

  3. Nice tatoo, i like the idea of a chocolate filled banana, i bet it tastes good - and is healthy too