Saturday, 1 August 2009

Here comes the sun

It's been a glorious day here in Sydney. Can't quite believe this is actually winter. We went over to Bondi beach for lunch and then walked along the beachfront. There really are some great views there

It is a great spot and it was full of people having fun. There are clearly two types of visitor to Bondi, those who have fit bodies and who then surf / swim / run; and those who have fat wallets and who then eat / drink / stare at the people with fit bodies. Gus and I represent one of each type....



  1. I just stopped in to catch up - it's been a while! I'm so glad you two are having so much fun! XOXO, Jill in Miami...

  2. Yes, Gus and I represented one of each type when we were at Bondi Beach too!