Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Flipper has fun

You've all realised by now that the real Ian never actually made it to Australia, and has been replaced by an impostor who gets up early, goes to footy matches and does exercise. Well Sunday saw this impostor on a 5k walk from Coogee to Maroubra (the next 2 beaches south of Bondi). Now I think a 5k walk on a Sunday morning when you could still be in bed is an amazing achievement. Down under though, it's considered quite pathetic. Here you haven't been on a walk unless it involves either being bitten by a snake or rescued by helicopter. One of my work colleagues is doing the Oxfam 100k walk next month - in 24 hours......Last year he managed 70k before collapsing. Most sensible people would see that as reason enough to have a long lie, here it is seen as a challenge - the Aussies are basically mad.

Anyway, the walk was fun. The forecast was for a hot day - a 28 degree winter day - so Coogee beach was packed. And there were plenty of people on the coastal path - some walking their dogs, some jogging (see more insanity). The path hugged the rocky coastline and gave great views of both the sea and some very expensive real estate.

After an hour we arrived at Maroubra, which is quite the surfers beach. And all Aussie surfers are basically hunks in trunks so I was quite happy. We stopped on the side of the bay to perve at the surfers - and then we saw a pod of dolphins frolicking in the water. Quiet a sight. But the dolphins weren't content with just frolicking. They wanted in on all the surfing action. En masse they swam to the cente of the bay and joined all the surfers.
As the waves broke, they would surf in to the shore, leaping back over the crest of the waves. I was quite excited about this. Gus decided that I needed a cup of tea to calm me down so we found a quaint cafe for a late late breakfast.
Suitably refreshed, we took public transport (again something the genuine Ian would never do) back to Coogee. By now, the place was very busy, and we didn't stay long. Just enough time for a quick photo of gratuitous semi nudity.
This one is for Billy.

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