Sunday, 16 August 2009

I've never really been into sport. Whether it is playing it or watching it - sport has never held an attraction for me. (Some of the players on the other hand.......Ronaldo, Nadal....phew)

So I am not really sure why I accepted an invitation to an AFL game on Saturday night. The fact that the invite was for a corporate box, and that we would be served drinks and nibbles by our own white coated steward may have had something to do with it. And the fact that the players wear sleeveless vests and quite short shorts.

So we braved public transport and headed over to the Olympic park to the ANZ stadium. It was all very well organised and felt very safe. We wandered around for a bit, absorbing the atmosphere. Loads of families and fans of both teams (Sydney Swans and Geelong Cats) mixing well together. So not what I expected.
And guess what. We had a great time. The other people in the corporate box were good company and we all enjoyed the hospitality. And as the white wine flowed, my understanding and appreciation of Aussie football also increased. AFL is quite a fast flowing game and the last quarter was exciting. The end result was close but sadly the home team lost 92 - 87.
My son Fraser is quite shocked that I have actually been to see a football match - he is the real football fan in the family. Actually he loves sport of all types and plays football, rugby, cricket, tennis, fives - have I forgotten anything Fraz? So maybe I do have sporting genes somewhere in my DNA........


  1. So glad to hear you're getting your furniture tomorrow! That was one of the best days!

  2. Oh AFL is such an Aussie thing to do. I think the vibe at an AFL match in Melbourne would be awesome though - even though the Swannies put on a great show.

    Love your photos. x NJ