Sunday, 2 August 2009

Life's a beach

Another day of sunshine. It's weather like this that makes you wonder why any Aussie moves to the UK. And why all the Saafers want to come here.

And all this sunshine means that it is quite pleasant to be outside - something this Brit has to get used to. This morning we went for a walk - around the waterfront at Pyrmont, over the Anzac bridge, around the Blackwattle Bay foreshore via Glebe park and back past the Fishmarket. All in - an energetic 1 hour 50 minute walk..........good grief - what has come over me......?

To reward me for my calorific expenditure, Gus agreed to go out for lunch. Fish and chips at Watson's Bay from the famous Doyles on the Beach. We got there about 12.30 - and the place was packed. I joined the queue to order and collect whilst Gus went to find somewhere to sit. Gus had grilled Kingfish and I went for the SeaBasket - basically a collection of deep fried stuff......calamari, prawns, fish, scallops. Yes I know it's not that healthy but it is the weekend.

Gus got great seats with a fab sea view - and we soon realised why the place was so busy. Every 45 minutes a ferry arrives - and several hundred people got off each time. Took about 15 minutes for them all to disembark. And they got off the ferry and straight into the queue for lunch. That place is a fishy goldmine


There were a few other restaurants there - including the original Doyles which is a bit posher than the takeaway. We'll go there again - maybe get there a bit earlier. Leaving lunch we walked around the area - loads of people sunbathing on the beach - in winter - jealous much all you lot in the UK? We stopped for coffee at a little hidden cafe down by Redcliffe pool - again full of sunbathers and some brave souls swimming in the sea. This part of Sydney is where all the posh people live - including our friends Laura (florida girl) and Nats. It's full of huge houses with great views of the water and the city. Some have the triple - water, Harbour bridge and Opera need several million to own something here. Roll on that lottery win.

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  1. Hey, My name is Mindy. I'm a friend of Laura's. She told me about your blog so I had to come and check it out. I love it! You both sound wonderful. I love reading about your adventures. It reminds me of when I first moved to Australia.