Monday, 27 July 2009

I'm feeling old

Given that I spend Monday to Friday immersed in the world of Aussie retail - you would think that weekends would provide some welcome relief. But no - the gay gene wins out everytime. And so we get up early and head out to a new area of Sydney each and every weekend. The weekend before last saw us in Glebe. This is a young & trendy part of town - actually a bit hippy. We started the day in - guess what - one of Gus' coffee shop finds. This one was quite cool - in a second hand bookshop. It was a funky kind of place, and the baristas were cute, which is always a bonus. Then we went across the road to the market. Each of the markets we have been to so far have been different - this one was a bit of a hippy, crusty kind of market - the kind where the stallholders all turn up in beat up old VW camper vans with flowers painted on the side. My sister Amanda would love it here. There were some great stalls - I wanted to buy some cufflinks made from lego bricks - Gus told me I was too old to wear them. He does that a lot. I'm still in my twenties in my head. Sadly not around my waist though!

Quite a lot of the stalls were second hand clothing. Not my scene really. I can't see myself buying clothes from someone who looks like they need a good wash. God I sound like my dad!

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