Sunday, 5 July 2009

Oh baby, baby

Whatever happened to lazy Sunday mornings? Well they are clearly now a thing of the past, as Gus embarks on his get me up early regime. This morning we headed out at 8ish for breakfast over in Paddington - at a place called Tiger Mottle. It's one of the many places that Gus has found during his current exploration of Sydney. It's in a very trendy section of Paddington called Five Ways - so trendy that it is the location for a branch of Thomas Dux - the upmarket grocery chain just launched by my employers.

Breakfast was very good - Billy's Bubble and Squeak - I was expecting (hoping for) something fried, but no, this is a trendy, wholefood, organic kind of area so it was an interpretation. For the non-Brits - Bubble & Squeak is usually made with left over cabbage and potato, formed into patties and fried. Like a hash brown, but with green bits in. Billy's version was much healthier - freshly cooked cabbage, bacon and roasted potatoes with 2 poached eggs. I'm sure the eggs were free range - they probably had the hens out back.

The only problem was that we felt slightly out of place - not because we are gay, oh no, it was a gay friendly place - the grill wasn't the only thing that was, the issue was that we didn't have a child in tow. Specifically a baby or toddler that we could then show off to all the other customers. This seemed to be the main reason for people coming here - to display their kids. Quite what a baby in a highchair is going to do with a babycinno (frothed milk in a cutesy small cup with a sprinkling of chocolate) is beyond me.

I didn't take my kids out to trendy cafes on a Sunday morning when they were younger. They were given a bowl of sugary cereal and plonked in front of the tv to learn about the world - well the world of cartoons and japanese toy based action shows - which is a much better preparation for the harsh realities of life. Once you know that the actor who used to play the Red Power Ranger (it's morphing time) is now a bit player in bad gay porn movies, you will soon buckle down and study hard at school.

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  1. Dear Ian,

    Harsh man, really really harsh.

    Mommy of those Adorable Preschoolers Drinking Babycinos, Eating Egg Wraps, and Singing at the Table Behind Yours