Monday, 18 May 2009

First post

Well this is quite exciting. My first blog post. A new experience. I guess there will be quite a few new experiences over the next few months as I relocate my life to Sydney.

I'm moving out there with my partner Gus as I have accepted a new job with one of Australia's biggest retailers - Woolworths. It's a great job and I am thrilled to be joining them, and quite flattered that a company on the other side of the world wants me to be part of their team.

There's only one downside to this move - and it's quite a biggy. I am a divorced dad, and moving so far away from my three kids is going to be tough. At the moment, they are all excited about my move, and busy planning their first trip out to see me. I know that when I have left the UK and we don't see each other every other weekend as usual, that they will start to miss me, as I will miss them. So this blog is a way of keeping in touch with them especially, as well as other family members, friends, and any other internet surfers who happen to stop by.

So the first blog hello goes out to Adam, Fraser and Abigail.

We had a busy day today - myself, Gus, Fraz and Abi - we were at our holiday home in the Cotswolds. Well I say holiday home - it really is a posh static caravan.

Anyway, we spent the day clearing it of all our stuff as I don't think we will be going there again. We have had a lot of fun there - and the coldest Easter ever when the power went out.

That's one more thing crossed off the very long pre-move to do list.


  1. I can't wait to see how your move unfolds ~ this should be one great adventure! Enjoy it to the fullest! xoxo, Jill

  2. Jill - you are my first ever blog commentator. Thank you.

  3. Good luck with your move to Sydney. I'm an American expat here temporarily- and I shop at Woolies.