Friday, 22 May 2009

Kills 99% of known germs

I've been getting quotes from removal companies to ship all our stuff to Sydney. All a bit last minute, but that's what happens when your visas get approved in 24 hours. Anyway, the removal bit will be exciting as an actual shipping container will arrive outside our house. Sad that I find this fun I know.

Both of the companies who have quoted have confirmed all my research - that mud and dead natural products (wicker, cane, bamboo etc) are shipping no-no's. They have been impressed by my bike grooming - apparently bikes are always inspected thoroughly. The guy today advised that I wipe the bikes down with Jeyes fluid - as the strong smell of ammonia will linger and convince the customs guys that I have done a good enough job. This is clearly the shipping equivalent of Tesco pumping the smell of freshly baked bread around the store to make you feel hungry and buy more. So I might have to go out and buy some Jeyes fluid - there isn't any in the house. Not much bleach left either - Gus has discovered Vanish Oxi action - and has become a bleaching fanatic. If it's white (or used to be) it has been oxi-actioned.

I shouldn't really be surprised - he already bleaches his hair. And you thought he was a natural blond. Thinking about it - working for Aussie Quarantine would be his perfect job - telling people off for their lack of cleanliness. Does it come with a hot uniform?


  1. Hi, I don't know how you found my blog, but my heart was beating when I read your profile. My dad is gay, and well divorced too.

    I am sure we need to be friends.

  2. We like new friends. And as you like American Idol we've already got something in common. A fondness for cocktails is preferable, but not compulsory.

  3. Hi, Sweetie(s)! Just think, when you finally move into your own, new home, everything will be SO clean! Your fresh start really WILL be a fresh, clean start! xoxo, Jill in Miami Beach

  4. That lovely smell of bedlinen that has been blowing dry on a washing line on a summers day, sends me to sleep heaven so can you imagine .....what your new place will be like once you unpack everything, you will be falling asleep on your bikes they will smell so delicious and fresh. x

  5. ooooh yes , i love love love fresh crisp cotton bedlinen !!
    Gus xx