Monday, 25 May 2009

The Naked Chef

I'm in trouble with Gus.

He read my last post all about my birthday and wanted to know why I hadn't told everyone about the birthday meal he cooked for me. It was a gourmet feast - 6 courses. Nachos, followed by scallops wrapped in bacon, then individual beef wellington, and for dessert - lemon tart with raspberries and creme fraiche. And Guylian praline chocs to round off the meal. All washed down with champagne and Marlborough sauvignon blanc. And as is customary with Gus - it was all beautifully and artfully presented.

Oh - that's right - there are only five courses listed. The sixth? That would be telling.


  1. My birthday is July 26th. Please send Gus over to Miami on the 25th... Will only expect 5 courses... Love, Jill

    p.s. You're invited, too!! :-)

  2. I guess you're not big on TMI? Probably better that way.

  3. Jill - then he'd be the flying chef.

    Florida girl - without all the details, you wouldn't have known it was a gourmet meal ;-)

  4. What a lovely birthday treat..... Gus you are a sounds so delicious, totally jealous x