Thursday, 21 May 2009

A roof over our heads

Got an email this morning from the relocation company - they have booked us a serviced apartment for the first 6 weeks of our new life down under. It is in Balmain - one of the areas we will look for a permanent place in. Balmain is a trendy, quite upmarket place with great cafes, bars and restaurants. Cool shops too. And there is a ferry service from Balmain to the city centre - takes about 10 minutes. Gus will love it there. Hopefully my commute won't be too bad.
Anyway here's some pics of the apartment

View of the city and the Harbour Bridge from the terrace - hopefully we'll get some winter sunshine so we can sit out and enjoy it.


  1. Looks as if you have it made!! We are so happy your new company is making the transition so nice for you!! Love Jill in Miami (I'm going to start specifying, since I see there's another Jill!

  2. perfect.. four chairs on the roof viewing the city..hmmm .. you need company! --Billy

  3. Hi

    It looks gorgeous both must be so excited, what a view!
    Cosmo's on the balcony darlink.......x

  4. Jill - the other Jill is my cousin

    Billy - you are welcome anytime - it's only a one bed though - do you do sofabeds?

    Judy - the bar is always open. You'd look fab on that terrace in a pair of killer heels with a cosmo in hand.