Wednesday, 10 June 2009

And they're off

That's it. No more goodbye's. We are in the Virgin Clubhouse at Heathrow waiting to board. Actually we are sipping champagne at the bar, and wondering whether Peter Andre, who has just arrived with a camera crew in tow, is going to be on our flight.

Today has been a tough day. Saying goodbye to my kids was always going to be hard. As a distraction, I took them to Fortnum & Mason's ice cream parlour - great cakes and huge ice cream sundaes. Fraser had the Chocolossus - it was enormous and defeated him. Gus, Abi and I stuck to various types of chocolate cake. We are so going to need to diet when we arrive.

The kids enjoyed themselves, and it was a fun time - until we had to part ways. Tears followed. It's good to let these feelings out though. So I am full of conflicting emotions as I sit here - tired, excited, apprehensive and a little sad. I am looking forward to my new job and new life - but I know that I am going to miss my family and friends so much. I am glad that Gus is sharing this adventure with me - hopefully as people come and visit, we can share it with them too.

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  1. Welcome to Sydney! We moved here last August with our five year old son. My husband's thirteen year old lives in FL with his mom. Goodbyes were difficult, and we still miss our family and friends, but we've learned to get creative. Skype has been a lifesaver!