Thursday, 4 June 2009

They came, they saw, they packed

It's a bit disconcerting -seeing our carefully planned & co-ordinated belongings (furniture and clothes) transformed into a pile of cardboard boxes. Brown is so last season. But that is it. Well mostly - they'll be back on Friday to pack up the bed, telly and computer before the shipping container arrives at noon.

It wasn't too bad. They did a good job of packing - though I guess we'll only really find out how good when it all arrives intact in Sydney. Gus was a bit worried about these heavily tatooed men handling his delicates............that porcelain Russian tea set is quite fragile.

And for the Brits reading this - I've sent off the form to claim back 6 months worth of TV licence. Proof that I am emigrating included. Let's see if the BBC are as willing to give me the money back as they are to take it in the first place. And for my American friends - it is illegal in the UK to watch tv without a licence from the government (well BBC actually). Unless you are an MP when you can claim the cost of the licence, the tv, and the house it sits in all on expenses.

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  1. Well, I guess this is proof that you're really going! You two have done a great job organizing and getting things done on time. I am having a wonderful time reading this blog - please keep the installments coming! xoxo, Jill in Miami