Friday, 5 June 2009

To boldly go where .....someone has already been

Last night we had a farewell meal with our neighbours - Johny & Kerry. We had a Thai takeaway from a place they recommended. Great food. Can't believe it has been open a year and we didn't know about it. We washed it all down with the last of our wine, and quite a bit of theirs. We were all a bit fragile this morning. Fun though. We will miss them, and their delightful kids - Luke, Louis and baby Harley. But most of all we will miss seeing Johny mowing the lawn during the summer - something he always does topless. It's the gay equivalent of the diet coke break.

Today Gus and I went into Reading - there wasn't much to do in the house save look at boxes. We had a full English breakfast and then Gus did a bit of shopping - new farewell outfit from H&M. Then off to the cinema - I wanted to see Terminator 4, but Gus wasn't keen and frankly the thought of all the explosions and robots fighting when I have a hangover was not appealing. So we went with Gus' choice which was Star Trek. Which I saw with Fraser last week. I enjoyed seeing it again though. And Captain Kirk was just as fine second time around.

And we are just back from taking the kids out for a meal. We went to their favourite place - the Toby Carvery. Good old fashioned English roast dinner. And because we were seated before seven pm, it was only £5 a head. Bargain. Can't go wrong with roast beef, roast turkey and all the trimmings for that price.

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