Sunday, 28 June 2009

Home sweet home

Gosh it's been a busy first 2 weeks here in Sydney. And quite stressful too. Starting a new job in a new country on the other side of the world does take it out of you. Especially a job that means I have to get up at 6am. Now you all know I am not a morning person. Gus is annoyingly perky first thing in the morning - I don't get going till way past lunch. Aussies all seems to start work early, and the Sydney traffic means a dawn alarm call is compulsory. And I have been quite tired as a result. And I don't think I should blog when I am tired, as I do find it hard to be witty when I am struggling to keep my eyes open. I've had some blog feedback that I sound sad - worry not. I was just stressed and tired.

I'm really enjoying myself here, and I am so happy at our new place. We moved in today - though transporting our meagre possessions is not really a house move. The bulk of our stuff is still on the high seas - hopefully - and will arrive at the end of July - also hopefully. Meantime we are making do. Which in the midst of the current credit crunch is so on trend. Of course we are making do on brand new white leather sofas with a new fridge/freezer and washing machine, but they were essential purchases. And bought in the sales, so actually we were doing our bit to stimulate the Australian economy.

So we are sitting here on the sofa, watching the rain clouds roll over Sydney, drinking sauvignon blanc and snacking on cheese and crackers. The lights of the city are just starting to come on. Magical.

The views from our balcony

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  1. Nice views. Isn't easy moving across the world, you shouldn't need to justify sounding a little sad-- it happens-- and of course tired does too.