Thursday, 25 June 2009

Need for Speed

My commute from Balmain to Bella Vista is taking me about 35 minutes, though I am leaving at 6.30am! It's not a bad route at that time in the morning, and it does eventually bring me onto the M2 Hills motorway. This is a toll road - I've been paying cash each day whilst I wait for my E tag to arrive.

There is one thing that bugs me though - and that's the speed limit. Not the absolute level of the speed limit (I still have no idea what 100km is in miles per hour). No - it's the fact that even on the motorway, the speed limit is constantly changing - sometimes it's 100km, sometimes it's 80, or 70 or even 60.........and these limits can apply for only a couple of hundred meters, so by the time you have slowed down, you can speed up again. Surely it would be safer to have all the trafiic moving at a constant speed rather than slowing down and speeding up all the time. I think most of the Aussies ignore the changes anyway. And don't even get me started on the state of the road surface on a road I am paying to drive on.........

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