Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Live from Hong Kong

I have flown on quite a few flights and I have never seen someone get off the plane before we have taken off. Until last night - when two passengers were disembarked, along with their baggage before we had even left Heathrow. I was in seat 2D so I had a frontrow seat for all the trauma. The first was a Chinese lady who took one step onto the plane and collapsed. Much discussion took place - conveniently translated for the benefit of those of us who are nosy (actually it was for the ground crew) - I think most of us thought she was very drunk - she claimed she had a possible brain tumour and was on medication (see Kerry Katona) - she even got out the box to prove it. The lack of a doctors note did not help, and even if she was ill - she shouldn't have been flying anyway. What was most bizarre was that this all took a good half hour, and the crew eventually had to go and look for her husband who had blithely headed off to his seat. He decided to stay on the flight - leaving her behind. I sense a deeper story.

The second passenger got off voluntarily - due to Cystitis, as was loudly discussed by the crew. Now - ladies help me out here - would it really stop you flying? Maybe Virgin didn't have any yoghurt onboard - but I would gladly have given up my cosmopolitan so the poor woman could have some cranberry juice. Perhaps her yoghurt had been confiscated at security....

All this - and a celebrity onboard. Why is Peter Andre in Hong Kong?Is he fleeing the country to escape press attention? I wanted to go and take a photo of him asleep in his Upper Class seat and sell it to Heat magazine for £200 - but I just couldn't channel my inner paparazzi. Sometimes I am just too English.

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